Cecelia "CeCe" Jones is a dancer on Shake It Up! Chicago. She is best friends with Rocky Blue. Together, they taught the Duncans how to dance when they really could not.


Charlie Duncan

Her and Rocky meet Charlie, Teddy, and Amy thinking they are the famous Duncan sisters. They later dance together, but it does not seem as though they have a strong relationship. She thinks that she is cute.
Charlie shakes it up

A pic of Charlie shakes it up

Rocky Blue

CeCe is friends with Rocky. Although not much is shown about their relationship in this episode, it is well known that Rocky and CeCe are very, close friends.

Teddy Duncan

At first, CeCe realizes that Teddy cannot dance, but afterwards, they dance together, and it appears that they are friends.

Background Information

  • Along with Rocky, she helps Teddy, Amy and Charlie come up with a dance routine in "Charlie Shakes It Up!"


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