This is completly fake! This is fanfiction and intended to be only!!! None of these have acually happened on the show are gonna happen unless stated otherwise! Feel free to add stories or links :)

“Bob we need to talk.”

Amy left a message on bob’s voice mail in a panicked voice.Amy had just received  positive results on her home pregnancy test and she was really worried. She had not wanted anymore kids, especially so close in age. Now she would have  three little ones to take care of.She didn’t know how she would do it.  Bob arrived in the bedroom and plopped on the bed full of exhaustion after work.

“You called me … Why?”

“Bob look!”

She threw the test at him violently .  Bob saw what it said and dropped it immediately. “Again? I thought you said we we’re done!”   

“Me too! Bob i’m forty-three years old how the hell are we gonna raise six kids with three little ones!"

Amy had been feeling off for a couple of days and being pregnant five other times she knew it was a possibility she was pregnant .

“Well that doesn’t make a difference. That’s certainly not what I would expect to hear though from you. I’m pregnant!”

“Bob how are we gonna make it work with six kids, three  which are under four years old!”

Bob put his arm around Amy and shrugged.

“ I guess i’ll have to work two jobs or overtime for the next nine months.”

“You're right Bob. We can make it work. I love you.”

“I love you too.”  Bob always knew just what to say.

Later that day when the kids were at school  and  Bob was at work, Amy  scheduled an appointment with her ob-gyn. She wanted to be sure, although she was absolutely positive, being pregnant five times already. Amy just dreaded  the struggle of taking care of three young ones.

Amy and Bob were curled under their covers in their bedroom  that night. Amy was reading, “What to expect when you’re expecting.”  for what felt like the millionth time  and was all too familiar with all the things you encounter during pregnancy .

“Amy, you’ve read that book five times already. Seems we’re all too familiar with this. Like we don’t need this book.”

“Yeah, but  remember how nervous I was with PJ? The day we found out you went out and bought me this book. I would never have imagined needing it for a sixth time. I thought I was done with PJ and Teddy. Then  Gabe and Charlie, and now Toby. But I treasure this book because i’ve read it every time I got  pregnant.”

“Yeah. Every ...single... time.”

Bob puts his hand on Amy’s not for long flat stomach.

“That’s our sixth in there Amy.”

“Yeah, Crazy.”

Amy rolled over and yawned. Then she turned off the lights. She realized that soon she’d no longer be herself as she was starting to encounter the early stages of pregnancy. And sure enough, a week later, she suffered morning sickness.

Amy was now thirteen weeks along and was feeling better. She had now past the risk of miscarriage and she and Bob were ready to announce it to the kids.

“Kids, in the living room now.”

PJ, Gabe, Charlie, and Teddy holding Toby on her lap, all looked at their parents suspiciously. Amy had tried hard to hide her sickness but was certain at least one Duncan child  knew.

Teddy looked at her parents and jokingly said,

“Let me guess, another baby?”

Unaware she hit the nail on the head, Teddy laughed. And Amy didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah actually you’re right. You’re mother is pregnant.”

PJ spoke first.

“Congrats you guys.”

“Why are you so happy?” Gabe was annoyed. He already shared a room with Toby briefly. And PJ had his own apartment. He was lucky.

“Seriously? Six?”

Teddy was happy but she knew just how crazy it would be with four younger siblings and her mother being pregnant wasn’t so great either. Her mother was extremely mean with Gabe, Charlie and Toby.

“I don’t like Toby though.”

Charlie was excited about having a sibling . Though she didn’t like that Toby only drooled and pooped.Bob and Amy were thrilled at the kids reactions .

The family spent the next five months setting up for the baby. But when Amy was eight months pregnant, she was exhausted and cranky. And just about when Amy thought the baby would be here soon and the work was worth it, something happened  that just about left and empty pair of baby booties and an empty crib in Amy and Bob’s room.  Amy got in a car accident and was rushed to the hospital. The kids were gathered in the emergency room waiting for a response. The Doctor came out.

“She’ll be fine. But we had to perform an emergency c-section on the baby to save it’s life. You may go in and see Amy.”

Bob and the family rushed to the room to see Amy and Teddy was the first to hug her.

“Mom! How are you? Where is the baby? “

“Teddy, we’re fine now.”

“Amy honey, I am so glad you’re okay. We’re is the baby?”

“It’s fine Bob, the baby’s  in the NICU just for  observation.Thanks for caring about me.”

Teddy felt a tear fall down her cheek as she realized she could have lost  both her mom and the baby that day.

“Teddy honey, don’t cry. Me and the baby are fine.”

“I know mom but I could have lost you.”

“Teddy i’m fine, really. And we could have dealt with the  loss of our baby together. Kids  we didn’t ever want to tell you this but now that we almost lost our baby , we need to tell you something. We want you to know how brave  and lucky we really are.”

Amy looked at Bob. Bob shook uncontrollably as he started to cry unsure as to whether Amy  should tell the kids or not. Amy went on.

“A year before PJ was born, me and your father just had gotten married  and a month later conceived a beautiful baby girl. But when I was eight months pregnant, I had her and she died instantly after birth.”

Bob Cried and mumbled.

“No, No! She looked... she was so innocent.”

Bob heard enough. He paced as Amy continued.

“She was beautiful. She looked just like you Teddy.  She had blonde hair and and big, brown eyes. Your father and I decided to call her  Talia Marie. She weighed  5 pounds and was gorgeous. But when they took her away, after we held her,I  knew something was wrong. A doctor walked in and told your father and I she had been stillborn. We didn’t  know what to say, but we got through it. So when I almost lost this baby today, I knew it would be okay, because we had supported this child from inside , did all we could.”

The whole family was now crying. Bob sat in the chair , his knees pulled to his chest and Teddy held Charlie on her lap and held her mother’s hand. Gabe was in the window sill trying to stay strong, but as he was looking out the window, he couldn’t help but let tears fall down his face.

An hour passed as the Duncans did not speak. Toby was asleep in  Bob’s arms unaware of anything going on around him. Charlie sat with Teddy. Teddy realized that  she’d have to stay strong and that there was a new reason to be happy. The new baby that she had not met. As the family sat silently, everyone a bit more cheered up, there was a knock on the door. In came a nurse holding a small bundle. A small , Pink bundle.  The family stood up to greet this small pink bundle and filled with joy at the realization they had a new baby sister.

“It’s a girl!”

Teddy was filled with excitement and picked up Charlie so she could see that she now had a younger sister herself.  Everyone, including Gabe, was excited. The nurse handed the small baby to Amy and  the family gathered around her. Everyone was so excited . But they soon realized they didn’t know what to call her.

“I like Frankie.”

“No, don’t be stupid Teddy! I like Gabrielle. Kinda like Gabe.”

“Mom, Dad, what do you think?”

Amy hugged her little girl. She looked at Bob then nodded.

“We have decided to call her, Alice Johanna, A gift from God.”

“Mom that’s beautiful.”

“ Me too. She’s beautiful just like all my girls and me. I think she deserves to have a beautiful name. And being my last girl and child.”

“Hear that Charlie, you have a little sister to watch out for!You can make her video diaries! Oh, I should do one.”

Teddy pulled out her camera and the family gathered around.

“Hi Charlie, right now we’re in the hospital  and it’s been quite a day. But after all that’s happened, all turned out fine. I mean now you have you’re own baby sister to  watch out for and do diaries for maybe, because our family is just gonna get crazier . Better wish Alice some good luck Charlie.”

A week later, Amy and Alice, after series of check-ups ,were realised from the hospital. Everything was back to normal and crazier than ever. But sure enough this was Amy’s last and everyone enjoyed watching Alice grow up day by day  and lived past one of the most craziest and most special day in Duncan history. One that they’ll never forget. That one special, rainy day, when Alice was born, and it had felt as though the sunshine was set free when Alice Johanna Duncan was born.

Alice Johanna Duncan.  

6lbs, 4oz. Born July 8.

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