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Can You Keep a Secret? is the 27 episode of season 2 of series Good Luck Charlie.

Episode Summary

Since Emmett quit his job as the frog at Super Adventure Land, Spencer has replaced him. Teddy becomes nervous when she has to kiss him. When they kiss, Teddy's feeling for Spencer start to come back. She runs off after the kiss. Later, Spencer comes to ask her if she is okay, and Teddy expresses that her feelings for Spencer have come back. They kiss again. Unfortunately, she's afraid of telling Amy and Bob this, since they bought her a new car. But she tells them that she is really happy now, so they agree, also making her pay for the car. Meanwhile, PJ learns that Bob accidentally wrote his name incorrectly on his birth certificate. Instead of saying "Patty John Duncan", (PJ for short) it says "Potty John". Elsewhere, Gabe tries to get money for a z-cub 6, new game system, but gets PJ a new guitar for his birthday since the z-cub 7 is coming out soon. 


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