"I'm 98 pounds of white hot fury."

Brock is the former boyfriend of Skyler. He is revealed to be 98 pounds and is the captain of the wrestling team. He has a crush on Teddy Duncan, as he said to PJ.

He says he can't wear skinny jeans since on him they are too baggy, and since he can no longer get Skyler back he has developed a liking to Teddy. He was played by actor, Bridger Zadina.


PJ Duncan

Brock keeps on calling or texting Skyer who's her ex which is making her upset. So she tells PJ so he talks to Brock about it and he says he's going to teach him a lesson. Gabe gaves PJ a body suit to protect himself against him in the park. But then turns out Brock is weak and keeps on missing PJ in his blows except when he hits it has no effect what so ever on PJ. In the end he confines to PJ his feelings making somewhat of a bond between the two.


He is the former boyfriend of Skyler. He kept texting and calling her because he had not fully gotten over her when they broke up. He says she is pretty but not smart.

Teddy Duncan

Brock seems to have a crush on Teddy Duncan because she was one of the only other girls he liked besides Skyler. He texted Teddy and asks if she wanted to go out with him.