Bob's Bugs Be Gone is a Denver-based pest control company owned by Bob Duncan


Bob's Bugs Be Gone is a pest control company that specializes in killing insects, arachnids, rats, possums, small garden snakes and skunks.


One advertisement is mentioned by Bob to Spencer, but it has never been seen. Another advertisement is made by PJ and Emmett. The duo is unsuccessful in creating a like able jingle, and, in turn, is fired by Bob. During the aftermath of becoming unemployed, PJ composes a fitting tune, which Bob eventually uses. Bob's daughter, Teddy Duncan, was cast in the leading role of "Termite Queen" in a Bob's Bugs Be Gone product presentation at the Bug Convention.


  • Bob Duncan (founder)
  • Vern (quits in season 4)
  • Beau (probationary employee)

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