Bert Doogan is a neighbor of the Duncans'. He lives on Edgewood Drive. He is very grumpy and he barely knows his neighbors (Rock Enroll). He used to be a mailman (The Charlie Whisperer). Gabe faked that Bert used to be an astronaut.

He is portrayed by Dan Desmond.

Series Involvement

Bert Doogan was introduced in the episode The Charlie Whisperer as the Duncans' grumpy neighbor. Gabe tried to use his name and write a report for his English class about Bert being an astronaut. When his teacher offered him extra credit, Gabe decided to get Bert to come into class and pretend to be an astronaut. When Bert refused, Gabe got his brother PJ to pretend to be Bert, which didn't turn out well. Gabe was punished and was forced to interview Bert for real, thus leading to hours and hours of the history of mail and Bert's career.

Bert returned in Season 4. In the episode Rock Enroll, Teddy gets her neighbors together so they could say good things about her for her college application. Things didn't go so well when Mrs. Dabney, Bert, and Debbie Dooley started arguing. In Futuredrama, the neighbors once again re-assemble to find out who has been spray-painting the cars in the streets. It turned to to be Mrs. Dobbs, a widow who wanted to spend time with Bert. In Weekend in Vegas, Bert and Mrs. Dobbs get married in the Duncan home.


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