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Episode Summary:

The Duncan's go on Toby's first vacation.

Charlie: Why is Toby here?
Amy: Charlie, you caught a fish.

Charlie: This is daddy's. That one is mine (pointing to the big fish).
Bob: She's confused.

Charlie: No I'm not.
Charlie: Hi, mommy.

Amy: May we help you?
PJ: Charlie got scared and thought it be a good idea if we all came and slept with you.
Charlie: No I didn't.

Gabe: She's embarrassed.

Memorable Quotes

Charlie: Bye bye, Toby.

Amy: Charlie honey, the baby's coming with us.
Charlie: Aw, nuts.
Amy: Where did you learn that word?
Bob: Honey, Toby's diaper needs a change.

Amy: Aw, nuts.
Victor: So, you finally got rid of that dumb jock; Spencer?

Teddy: No, he's just out of town.

Victor: Oh. Please don't tell him I said that.
Amy: What was that?

PJ: It was the ghost!
Gabe: ...or the killer!
PJ: ...or the killer ghost!

Gabe: ...or the ghost killer!
Bob: You think Teddy's up to something?
Amy: She's my daughter. I know she's up to something. Of course she's your daughter too so she shouldn't be able to pull it off.
PJ: This was all a prank? That's terrible!

Gabe: You made us look like fools.
Bob: You people are disgusting.

Amy (smiling at the camera): We're gonna be on TV, you say?

Background Information

  • This is the second episode in a row and the second episode of Season 3 to contain only 2 plots.
  • Viewership: 3.575 million veiwers

Production Information


  • In their panic to leave the house the family forget Charlie and Toby.
  • Teddy mentions to Ivy that the surveillance video does not record audio however audio is heard when the footage is shown during the reality show.
  • There is no "Deadman's Lake" in Colorado however there is one in East Bennett, South Dakota. It's also possible the reality show made up the name of the Lake for their show.
  • In Special Delivery Charlie says that she likes Toby for her birthday present and in Guys and Dolls she tells Toby she loves him but in this episode she wants to leave him at home.



  • Amy's obsession with the spotlight continues when she realizes they are going to be on TV.
  • This is the first episode to show Charlie's disdain for Toby.
  • PJ tells his parents that Charlie was afraid to sleep alone. Gabe was the last one to do this in "Bye Bye Video Diary" although this time Charlie is able to say she wasn't scared.
  • Charlie is still repeating things Amy unintentionally says ("Teddy on Ice").
  • Bob pulled a hamstring in Sleepless in Denver. Charlie sat on the leg that had a hamstring pulled.
  • Spencer is mentioned although not seen in this episode.
  • This is the fourth Duncan family trip and the first one that Teddy doesn't attend.


  • "The Hustle" is featured in this episode. The Hustle is a 1975 song by Van McCoy which Teddy describes as "a popular dance in the 1970s". The Hustle was also featured in viral video Evolution of Dance 2.
  • Bob refers to PJ and Gabe as Shaggy and Scooby from Scooby-Doo.


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