Alice Wartheimer (portrayed by Hayley Holmes) is a very sweet, but high-strung and submissive girl from Teddy's French class who was an employee at the Reddi Mart until she was fired. Through the episode, it is revealed that she suffers from asthma, so whenever getting nervous or excited, Alice hyperventilates, earning names like "Alice Wheezeheimer", "Wheezy", or her rude former boss Hugo's, "Alice in Wheezerland". Alice believed that she had to let Hugo treat her badly due to being his subordinate, but when Teddy inspires her to stand up for herself, she is fired, but happy that she stayed strong and made a new (and possibly her only) friend.

She returned in Sleepless in Denver to help Teddy out with her audition for "Beauty and the Beast", by providing piano playing for Teddy's solo. She also states that her family lives right next to a sewage treatment plant.