Merry first Christmas, Toby.

Teddy Duncan

Episode Summary

Teddy takes Charlie to get her first photo with Santa. Bob's mom, Linda turns up for the holidays and bickers with Amy as they both want to sing Deck the Halls at the Duncan Family talent show. Bob frets over what present to buy for Amy as they've made a pact not to spend much on each other's presents and he never knows what it means. He enlists Gabe and PJ to help. Teddy is arrested for bowling over Santa.


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End Credits

"Snowy the Snowman, Registered Trademark of Super Adventure Land Incorporated" turns up at the Duncan house, a little upset that Teddy used his head as a bowling ball. Teddy invites him in for cookies to say sorry but when she returns from the kitchen Snowy has melted in front of the fire. He tells her: "Having a bad day."


Good Luck, Charlie

Teddy: Hey. You got your first picture with Santa. Good luck, Charlie.

Charlie's Lines

Linda: Charlie, what do you have to say to Grandma?
Charlie: Goodbye.
Charlie: When do I get see Santa?

Memorable Quotes

Teddy: Oh, mom. Spencer and I are singing too. We even worked out a new Christmas song together. Amy: Oh that is so wonderful! And so brave of you to sing the same night I do.
Bob: MOM!

Linda: Is that my son or Hercules!?

Bob: Oh please. Dropped some weight, got totally buff, don't make a fuss.
Linda: Everybody on the plane loved the song that I'm going to sing at the talent show.

Linda (sings): Deck the halls...
Amy: Woah woah woah! Hold on there, Grandma. I'm singing Deck the halls.
Linda: Sweetheart. Maybe you should clean the halls before you deck them.

Amy (to Bob): I may deck something besides the halls.
Bob: Well, naughty can't help me. Let's try nice.

PJ: Ooh! That's me!
Bob: Come on, find out from your mom what she got me.
PJ: Alright, I'll talk to her.
Bob: Great. She'll tell you anything. We all know you're her favorite.
Gabe: He is?!
Bob: Hey hey hey! I didn't say my favorite.
PJ: That would be Teddy, right?
Bob: No comment.

PJ (to Gabe): Oh relax. I'm sure you're in the top 5.
PJ: Hey, mom. What you doing?

Amy (folding clothes): Welding.
PJ: Good, good. So, listen. I was thinking about what present to get for dad and I don't want to get him the same thing you did. What did you get him again?
Amy: Did your dad send you down here to find out what I got him?
PJ: I'm not prepared for any follow-up questions.
Amy: I'm not going to tell you what I got him.
PJ: Then I won't ask again. Am I still your favorite?
Amy: That's why you're my favorite.

PJ: Yes! Well then, I'll let you get back to your welding.
Bob: GABE! That's genius! There you go, that's why you're my favorite.
PJ: This whole favorites thing is starting to lose all meaning.
Amy: Oh, Bob. I've decided I'm not going to sing Deck the Halls at the talent show.

Bob: Really? Oh thank you. Thank you for taking the high road and keeping the peace.
Amy: Yeah, I'm going to do an impression instead.
Bob: An impression?
Amy: Of a family member. Can you guess who?
Amy (mimicking Linda): I flew all the way in from Phoenix and, what not. Oh oh Bobby's is so muscley and, what not.
Linda walks in
Bob: Oh, hey mom. How much did you hear?
Linda: I didn't hear a thing. I just wanted to tell you that I've decided to let Amy sing "Deck the Halls" this year.
Bob: Well. I'm glad somebody understands the true spirit of Christmas.
Linda: Instead, I'm gonna do an impression of a family member. Can you guess who?
Linda (mimicking Amy): My house is dirty... BA-BAM! I can't even hang a wreath... BA-BAM!
Amy: What not!
Linda: BA-BAM!

Amy: What not!
Sheriff Bradley: So. Last year you tackled the Super Adventure Land mayor, this year you bowled over Santa. What's next? You gonna harpoon the easter bunny?
Teddy: Well I don't know, I haven't made my plans yet for Easter.

Background Information

  • Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper perform a cover of "My Song for You" at the talent show, which was originally performed by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas during the Sonny With a Chance episode "A So Random Holiday Special" two years prior to the airing of this episode.
  • Teddy re-records her ending video diary twice. In the first edit she mentions being locked up in the Super Adventure Land jail before deciding not to mention it at all. In the second edit Linda asks if she can say "Good luck, Charlie" as she's never said it before. However she's cut off by Amy who says it then walks out saying "BA-BAM!". Finally Teddy rewinds the tape and simply says "Hey. You got your first picture with Santa. Good luck, Charlie."
  • Super Adventure Land renames itself for certain holidays. It's sometimes known as Super Christmas Land, Super Hanukkah Land; and Super Kwanzaa Land.
  • Sheriff Bradley is both sheriff and judge at Super Adventure Land.
  • Teddy said Super Adventure Land is called Super Christmas Land for the week they're in, and that last week was Super Hanukkah Land and next week is Super Kwanzaa Land. This could indicate that Hanukkah was all of last week (as well as one day before the week), and Kwanzaa is all of next week, placing Christmas on a Saturday.
  • This is the first time Super Adventure Land is seen since Make Room for Baby.

Production Information


  • During their duet of Deck the Halls, Linda supposedly stomps on Amy's foot, hurting her. This doesn't actually happen probably to avoid Leigh-Allyn Baker sustaining an actual injury.


  • This is the second Duncan family Christmas seen on the show. The first was the feature length film "Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!"
  • Linda Duncan makes her second appearance on the show.
  • Amy and Linda's dislike of each other is still apparent.
  • Spencer mentions how he and Teddy used to work at Super Adventure Land. It's alluded that they both no longer work there.
  • Teddy is once again jailed at Super Adventure Land by Sheriff Bradley. She previously tackled the mayor as she caught him committing theft.



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